Natalie Palmer sat cross-legged on the roof of her rust-flecked red pickup truck drinking an unlabelled can of what she had been told was beer but did in fact taste remarkably like piss. The sky was darkening – turning that odd purply colour as the sun began to descend behind the horizon. In the open space between her crossed legs sat an open bag of fiery hot Doritos into which her left hand intermittently dipped. She was waiting for her boyfriend to return, or was she waiting for her girlfriend to return, she wasn’t entirely sure. That’s not entirely true, she knew exactly what she was waiting for, but if she were to say to anyone that she was waiting for her nine-dimensional conceptual being to manifest itself in a tangible format then she feared that she would be sectioned very, very quickly.
She let the fingers of her right hand gently play across her necklace. It was a long thin golden chain and at the very end of it was a small cluster of purple crystals. Natalie loved this necklace more than anything else in the world. She’d been given this necklace by her nine-dimensional conceptual being for her last birthday – it was a gift that it had made just for her. She loved how it sparkled when the sunlight played across its smooth surfaces. It threw off small but nonetheless glorious beams of light that always caught the attention of some daydreamer who would look at the crystals with wonder and curiosity.
Upon finishing the Doritos and emptying the can of piss beer she slid down into the back of the truck and dropped the two items into a big black bin bag that was sitting alongside her backpack, which contained all her modern gadgetry. All her modern gadgetry except for her smartphone which was safely tucked into her left bra cup, pressed snugly against one of Nat’s soft warm breasts. She slumped down, sitting with her legs outstretched and rummaged through her backpack for the heavily weathered second-hand copy of The Mothman Prophecies that she had been reading for the last few days. She turned the pages quickly until the purple hue to the sky began to lessen and visibility became less and less until Natalie found herself sitting in the dark.
In the dark with only a few twinkly little stars to offer anything that even slightly resembled light. Of course it didn’t take long for those stars to disappear either, blinking out of existence…
One by one…
Natalie felt every hair on her body stand on end as she felt a new coldness sweep over her body like waves over a beach. She knew what was happening, but it still didn’t make the experience any more comfortable or pleasant. She heard the radio in her car switch on, tune itself to one of the many music stations and the volume was cranked up and up so anyone in a five mile radius would have certainly been able to hear Elton John singing:
“And I think it’s gonna be a long long time til touchdown brings me round again to find…”
“Seriously?” Natalie said to herself, clambering up onto the top of the roof of her truck and angled her head to the sky.
“Rocket man, burning out his fuse up here alone!”
“This song is so on the nose!” she yelled at the lightless sky. The radio switched off and her world was once more devoid of light and sound. Natalie fell silent too. She wasn’t nervous or saddened anymore and she listened to the sounds around her. There were none and that told Natalie what she needed to know – she most certainly was not alone. A theory proved to be very true when the purple crystal chunk at the end of her necklace began to glow a bright purple and even stranger still: it lifted up as if it were trying to take to the skies and escape the surly bonds of gravity.
“Where do you think you’re going little guy?” Natalie asked almost rhetorically, gently holding onto the chain so not to lose her little piece of celestial treasure.
All of a sudden from above became a loud rumbling noise, that seemed to be almost melodic and song-like in nature. She thought instantly of Close Encounters of The Third Kind – a film she utterly despised for being too long, cataclysmically boring and unlike most alien encounters there was a conspicuous lack of “butt stuff”. This would be the fourth time Natalie had been abducted by aliens and as the ship that hung above her in the sky became visible and its lights illuminated with a magnificent intensity she knew that she was to be abducted by the same aliens. Her feet slowly lifted off the roof of the pickup truck and she began to feel slightly queasy as her stomach expanded and contracted as a strange beam of light carried up into the air. Further away from the safety of the ground and closer to her love. She looked up and saw a hole open on the underside of the craft and a bright light spilled out, she closed her eyes, but she could still – somehow – see the light.
Closer it came, until…
Natalie was standing in the ship, up to her waist in an unknown and very viscous fluid that smelled oddly of pineapples. The smell made her feel relaxed and soothed – all of the ills in her earthly life seemed to drift away. A door behind her opened and she heard something enter the room, but when she turned around she couldn’t see anything, but the liquid was rippling – there was something in there with her!
It wasn’t long before the being reared up in front of her, causing her to beam widely as she laid her unequipped mortal eyes upon the glorious form before her. The being seemed to shift and change and warp before her, it was a nine-dimensional creature after all and Natalie’s human eyes were simply unable to correctly perceive its borderline conceptual form. The one part of it that she was able to correctly perceive and the sight which brought her so much joy and arousal were its thick and solid tentacles – eight coal black behemoths covered in gasping purple suction cups. They reached out delicately and wrapped around her, pulling her into an embrace and she felt herself pressed against the shifting unknowable form before her. She sighed.
“I’ve missed you.” She murmured.
“And I you.” The being responded, its language was not human, it was a long dead cosmic language, but when the words were heard by Natalie, it was if she were hearing words spoken in perfect American. She then, partially due to intense animalistic longing and partially due to the sweet pineapple scented liquid, surrendered herself to her nine-dimensional conceptual being. The tentacles moved slowly and gently across her body and she removed her clothes quickly. When the tentacles began to wind their way up her legs she closed her eyes and before long she felt a powerful, sensual feeling. It was as if she was no longer existing in her three-dimensional world and was experiencing the nine-dimensional world – she was being taken apart and put back together. That was what it felt like and she loved it. She hoped this moment lasted forever and the two of them would be locked together – entwined – in their non-conventional, cosmically charged acts of passion forever.


When Natalie awoke she was lying in the back of her pickup truck with all her clothes on. She rubbed her brow, shut her eyes and groaned. Had this all been a dream? Surely not. Then, she became aware of something around her neck. She saw it was a second golden chain and at the end was a small crystal cluster, but these ones were not purple, they were a pale green.
Suddenly she became aware of a sudden chill passing across her feet and upon looking down she saw that she had no shoes on – just bare feet. She began to scrabble around looking for her heavily weathered Doc Marten boots.
“Where the hell are my boots?” she grumbled to herself as she hunted valiantly.

Upon hearing the noise she yelped in shock and turned around and there sitting on the top of the truck were her Doc Martens, just as weathered as always. She looked up at the sky.
“Thank you,” she whispered, “my love.”

F I N.