Gabe Munroe sat on the beach in naught but a pair of shorts and a baggy vest. The sounds of the waves crashing against the shoreline filled his ears. The cool sea breeze swept over him, causing the vest to ripple around his vast frame and blew his stylishly windswept hair this way and that. He sat still, utterly at peace with the world around him, content and relaxed – he looked damn good and he knew that he did. He was one of the best plus-size models in the area and his life seemed to consist of moving from photoshoot to photoshoot, in which he displayed his strong fashion sense, his powerful but soft physique and a magnetically seductive charisma. In between those photoshoots he could be found in a wide variety of nightclubs, drenched in neon glows, dancing to pounding music, downing shots and breaking hearts with a smile. However, when he’d had enough of the music he’d come to the beach to relax and allow his mind to wander to far-flung places that he’d not thought about in a long time.

As he sat on the beach, Gabe became aware of a presence beside him – he could feel it – a faint tickle moving across the hairs on his arms. He turned to his left and saw Danny Miles sitting down next to him. Danny was smaller and slimmer than Gabe and his fashion sense left more than a little to be desired. He was wearing a pair of baggy navy-blue swimming trunks and a baby pink vest. His had his arms wrapped around his legs and was resting his chin on his knees. His hair was shorter and didn’t blow in the breeze at all, it just sat still. He turned his head to face Gabe, who instantly noticed that Danny had tried to grow a beard again and hadn’t quite managed to pull it off.

“Hey Gabe.”

“Hey Danny.”

“You look good.”

“So do you.”

Danny laughed, a small quiet laugh and he angled his face away so Gabe wouldn’t see his face, for a reason that Gabe couldn’t fathom, Danny was incredibly shy. Gabe shifted his position so that he was closer to Danny and he put one of his arms around Danny’s narrow shoulders and gently pulled him close. Danny’s head ended up resting on Gabe’s chest.

“Oh Gabe.” Danny sighed. Gabe looked down at him.

“What’s wrong?”

“Have you ever loved someone so much that being apart from them hurts?” Danny asked, his voice weak, as if his very soul was about to shatter. Gabe’s brow furrowed.

“Of course Danny, of course I have.” He said as he lifted Danny’s head up with two of his fingers until the two of them made eye contact.


“You. That’s how I feel about you dummy.”

“It’s how I feel about you too.” Danny said shyly. Gabe smiled back, and ran his hand through his dishevelled hair, and he turned slightly so he could wrap his arms around Danny and pull him close. Danny allowed himself to be swept up and he placed his hands on either side of Gabe’s face and the two men locked lips and kissed for a moment so perfect, charged with so much passion and unspoken love that each one of them felt as if they could live in that moment for an eternity. Gabe allowed himself to fall backward so that Danny was on top of him and the kissing got increasingly more and more charged and Gabe – utterly caught up in the whirlwind of passion roaring within him – removed Danny’s shirt… revealing…

A cluster of pixels.

Gabe stopped, Danny sighed, the moment collapsed.


“This isn’t working, this isn’t real.” Danny said mournfully.

“Danny wait…” Gabe said hurriedly, but it was too late. Danny vanished to be replaced by a grey textbox displaying the message:

Danny has disconnected.

Gabe sighed.

“Log out.” Gabe said and all around him the world dissolved into clusters of pixels, each cluster vanishing until Gabe was standing in his regular room once more. He sat down on the edge of his bed and let out a long shuddering breath,

Over the next few hours Gabe didn’t know what to do with himself. Had Danny dumped him? Is that what had happened? It sure felt that way, but…

Bloop bloop.

Gabe heard his phone’s text alert and leaped across the bed and snatched up his device. On screen there was a text message from Danny that said:

“Come to the airport. Let’s make some real memories.”

Needless to say Gabe had never moved so fast in his life and when he got to the airport and saw the slender figure of Danny walking towards him with a suitcase he was overcome with joy. He ran towards Danny and swept him up in a tight bear hug and squeezed him as tightly as possible.

“You smell good.” Danny said into Gabe’s ample chest. Gabe laughed.

That evening the two of them sat in a bar drinking and talking and laughing and drinking and kissing and drinking…

When the two of them ended up back at Gabe’s home, they staggered upstairs to his bedroom and this time they were together for real, not a pixel to be seen. Then, the shirts finally came off…



Author’s Note: As you all should know June 1st – June 30th is Pride Month. As such I wanted to write something a little bit different to my usual work in honour of Pride Month. This story marks my first attempt at writing M/M romance and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I really hope everyone out there enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and most importantly: Happy Pride Month!

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“I’m so in love with the storrrryyyyy!!!!!!!” – Mariyo (@firstcoastking on Instagram and Twitter)

“I’m in love with every word and every detail” – Mariyo (@firstcoastking on Instagram and Twitter)

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“It was super cute and gave me all the warm fuzzies” – CA Blocke (@afullmargin on Instagram and Twitter)

“Sweet and tender. The story hints at a long history between the couple which makes the ending all the more satisfying! Excellent flash fiction” – Jess ( on Instagram and @fattygingervamp on Twitter)