When Jess Bellamy staggered into the Blue Haven bar with torn clothes and soaked in blood, the bartender didn’t scream, he didn’t shout threats, he merely looked at her with a raised eyebrow and playful smile.

“You look nice.” He said with a knowing grin. Jess groaned.

“Please spare me,” she said, slouching against the bar, not even bothering to perch on one of the oversized bar stools, “can I just get a whisky?”

“Yeah, of course. Single or double?”

“Felix, look at me for fuck’s sake.” She said with exasperation. Felix turned, looked her up and down.

“A triple it is.” He said to himself, but loud enough for Jess to hear him and she smiled. Felix knew how to take care of her, he really did. When he turned, he set the glass down in front of her and she threw it down in one gulp – a grimace flashed across her face and she winced revealing her fangs. “So, what happened?”

“I was at the station,” she said referring to the now unused Rainfield Bridge Train Station, “and some jackass with a little too much booze in his belly made a pass at me.”

“Ah I see.” Felix said, raising his eyebrows in a knowing manner. He’d known Jess for a long time. “Was he particularly handsy?”

“He grabbed a boob.” Jess growled.

“Oh god.”

“I tore his head off.”

“Oh. GOD!”

“Relax, I drank my fill first. Nothing went to waste.” She said nonchalantly. Felix sighed.

“Well, at least you weren’t wasteful.” He said sarcastically. He crouched down behind the bar and put a small parcel on the counter. Jess looked at the parcel and then at Felix.

“It’s not my birthday.”

“I know that, it’s a change of clothes. You’re covered in blood and I actually want people to stay and drink so I can pay my bills.”

“Oh right. Yeah, good point. You got a changing room?”

“My ‘partment’s upstairs, key is under the mat. Go nuts.” Felix said. Jess smiled.

“Thanks Felix.”


When Jess came back downstairs with clean clothes and a clean face Felix shot her a charming smile.

“Looking good! You almost look like someone who didn’t spend the early part of the evening decapitating someone.”

“Oh hush,” she said with a laugh, “can I have one of those fruity ciders.”

“Course.” Felix said. “I’ll join you on that.” The two friends cracked open a bottle apiece and drank while reminiscing about times gone by. Alcohol and nostalgia make such wonderful bedfellows. As the evening continued a few people trickled into the bar and as night rolled on in, those few people grew steadily more drunk.

One of these drunken patrons was a man old enough to know better who staggered up to the bar and slumped against the bar next to Jess. There were only three of them in the bar now as closing time was but two and a half minutes away. He turned and looked at Jess with a sleazy smile and her face remained straight ahead, making eye contact with Felix. The man wrapped his arm around her ample waistline and squeezed her left ass cheek. Jess turned around and beamed at the man. She put her hands either side of the man’s chest and pulled him in close as if she were about to kiss him. The man laughed, each chuckle sending a strong smell of liquor billowing into Jess’s face.

“Felix, be a dear and lock the doors,” she said, maintaining eye contact with the drunk man, “I wish to have some privacy with this delightful specimen.”

“Awright.” the drunken man said, his speech slurred.

“Shall I get some towels?” Felix asked.

“Probably best.” Jess said, before turning back to the drunk man. “Tell me, do you know what the phrase ‘dead men don’t catcall’ means?”

“Nope.” The drunken man answered, followed by a loud hiccup.

“Then allow me to enlighten you.” She said. She smiled, revealing her extended fangs. The drunk man suddenly went very pale and Jess opened her mouth wide and sank her teeth deeply into his neck.

Blood sprayed high into the air.

Two cat-callers in one evening.

Jess was on a roll.



Jess Bellamy & Felix will return…