Beneath the waves, glittering in the

soft moonlight

is a place more wondrous than we

can possibly imagine.


Coral spires rise upwards reaching for

but never breaching the surface.

Castles formed from discarded sea shells.

A kingdom of wonderment and grace.


Among these spires and castles, the citizens:

The Merpeople of myth

living safely in this subterranean refuge

far from human eyes, far from danger.


A mermaid of great intelligence and even

greater curiosity swam to just below the

surface and felt the sunlight’s warmth

gently and tenderly touch her face.


The sunlight was so powerful and determined

that it broke through the waves, dividing into

an enchanting spectrum that bathed the mermaid

in its multitude of light.


When she returned to the kingdom below she

was no longer a mere mermaid, she was a

creature of legend, transformed by the light.

Her hair had become a rainbow and she had become so much more.