I am writing this on 17th September OR Batman Day as it is also known. I thought I would rank ALL the Batman Movies I have seen in order of my personal preference. However, I have to set some ground rules:

1. I have to have seen the movie (this rules out some of the very old Batman movies/serials)

2. It has to have been released in cinemas (this rules out MOST of the animated movies)

3. Batman has to be a main character (this rules out Suicide Squad)

With these rules in mind here are the Batman movies in order of how much I like them…

* * *

10. Batman: The Killing Joke – An awful awful piece of garbage. Utterly despicable treatment of Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. Watching it made me want to be sick!

9. Batman Returns – Danny DeVito is great as The Penguin, Michelle Pfeiffer is great as Catwoman, Michael Keaton is fine as Batman and Christopher Walken makes an appearance. However, I found this film to be a little too Tim Burton-y.

8. Batman – It’s way too long, Jack Nicholson’s Joker is…flawed to say the very least. The one redeeming quality is the “YOU WANNA GET NUTS?!” scene.

7. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – Incredibly amusing, accidentally camp romp of a movie. Ben Affleck delivering a magnificent performance as the best live action version of The Dark Knight.

6. Batman Begins – The weakest of the Nolan Batman films featuring a really watered down version of The Scarecrow.


5. The Dark Knight Rises – An explosive finale to a mostly great trilogy. Tom Hardy shines as an incarnation of Bane that is grounded in reality. Despite his speech being muffled, Tom Hardy’s Bane is a superb villain.

4. The Dark Knight – Do I really need to explain what I like about this film? Really? Superb storytelling, a great villain and the best Joker performance since Cesar Romero.

3. Batman & Robin – George Clooney, Arnold Scwarzenegger, ridiculous costumes and bad puns! This feels like a loving homage to the Adam West era of Batman.

2. Batman The Movie – I simply adore this film! Adam West and Burt Ward are fantastic and the cast of villains are tremendous! I genuinely love this film so so much!!

1. Batman Forever – This was the very first Batman movie I ever saw and as such I shall always have a special place for it in my heart. Val Kilmer is a very good Batman and I loved Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face. It’s a wacky fun film and it shows why Joel Schumacher should direct E V E R Y Batman movie!

What are YOUR favourite Batman movies? Let me know in the comments section…